Leather + Lace boasts a dedicated crew of professional miscreants and deviants.

Host + DJs

Apollo Marquez

Co-creator and host of Leather + Lace, and owner of the former  INFERNO Nightclub  from 1996-2015 .

DJ Mike Carlson

Resident DJ and owner of  MC Audio.

DJ WhiteRabbit

Resident DJ and co-creator of Leather + Lace.  WhiteRabbit has been DJing underground club beats for nightclubs, special events, private parties, and radio across the midwestern and eastern US since 1992, with continuing residency at INFERNO nightclub in Madison, Wisconsin from 1997-2015, Plan B from 2015-2019, and Prism Dance Club from 2019 to today. Rabbit spins a seamless dancefloor mix of electronic, industrial, ebm, powernoise, gothic, synth, and trance beats. He’s a devout beat-matcher who also incorporates samples, loops, effects, and live mash-ups into his mixing.  WhiteRabbit can be found on  Facebook.


Door staff, security, and general assholery.